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We help mobile tech companies drive GTM initiatives.

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Looking to integrate 3rd party mobile app data to drive sales & marketing?

We integrate first-party and third-party data with your Salesforce workflows, uncovering growth opportunities for your team.
Make the most of every data point and transform your sales and marketing initiatives.

Have you outgrown standard Salesforce reporting? 

Discover insights beyond standard Salesforce reporting and make data-driven decisions with confidence.
We facilitate advanced analytics on your historical and unified data,  with in-depth complex reporting on Looker, Tableau, or your favorite BI tool.

Are inefficient data workflows, causing delays and errors?

We help you simplify and streamline. Our team is skilled at integrating data sources into a unified, well-architected data warehouse.
Your GTM team can focus on facilitating decisions to drive the business forward rather than wrestling with data.

Are your data and engineering teams swamped?

It’s not unusual for data and engineering teams to be focused on the product and have very limited bandwidth to help GTM teams.

We understand the unique data needs of your team and are committed to providing the support you need when you need it.

Our dedicated team combines technical and data expertise with a strong understanding of business context, ensuring we're always aligned with your business needs.

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Modern Data Solutions
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Projects Completed

What We Offer

Data Engineering

We help you migrate your data from legacy systems to the modern cloud data platforms. We help evaluate alternatives with a cost benefit approach, and help estimate savings and increased efficiency.

We help you build, migrate, test and deploy and achieve business objectives.Build data pipelines: We build data pipelines using, near real time or batch processing, no code, web API based or other solutions.

Analytics Engineering

We prioritize building a cost-effective and efficient data warehouse that's designed to meet your current needs while also being adaptable for the future. In the majority of our projects, we implement dbt to manage your data warehouse project effectively. We assist you in establishing a solid foundation right from the beginning and start creating value immediately.  

At the same time we strive to create a system that facilitates delivery of new features as your business grows. This approach ensures your data infrastructure remains robust and responsive to your evolving needs.

Business Intelligence

Our focus is on helping you derive value from your data promptly. We leverage cutting-edge data stack tools to foster a self-service environment within your organization. We facilitate access to data by providing well-structured data environment.  

We empower internal teams to rapidly develop their analytics capabilities by providing essential building blocks, while also establishing standards that enhance reliability and foster swift improvements for the future.

Operational Analytics

We operationalize your data and create value.  Our expertise includes implementing reverse ETL workflows and moving data from data platforms to operational analytics tools such as Airtable. In the Operational Analytics tools, the data is exposed to cross-functional teams with customized access and capabilities.  We build guard rails that help run operational processes efficiently and accurately.

Additionally, this centralized approach empowers teams to flexibly improve existing workflows, while providing real-time operational reporting capabilities for management.

Machine Learning & Applied AI

We provide tailored machine learning solutions for our clients. By understanding their unique data landscape, we develop predictive analytics, sentiment analysis, and anomaly detection models that empower data-driven decisions.

From data preparation to model development  to model deployment, we ensure seamless integration, optimizing operations and driving growth opportunities for our clients.

Since initiating our partnership in 2020, we have found 205 Data Lab to be a remarkable partner in the realm of data science. Our initial challenge was to establish our Snowflake data warehouse and BI reporting, a task that 205 Data Lab handled efficiently and proficiently.

David Westgate

Information Technology Executive, Branch

"Their technical expertise in managing complex data and utilizing modern tools is undeniable. Still, it's their capacity for knowledge transfer that impressed us profoundly"

David Westgate

Information Technology Executive, Branch

I was fortunate to collaborate with 205 Data Lab for several years at Spin.   They have been more than service providers; they have been reliable partners, providing us with exceptional data management consultation and solutions.

Francis Au-Yeung

Data Engineering Manager, Spin

205 Data Lab team demonstrated a high level of competency and trustworthiness and genuinely cared about the quality of their work and the value it creates for their clients. If you need assistance with starting or improving your data pipelines or data warehouse, I highly encourage you to consider partnering with 205 Data Lab.

Francis Au-Yeung

Data Engineering Manager, Spin

Case Studies

Enabling New Revenue Streams for an Enterprise SaaS Company

We helped a SaaS company transform customer data into insight. Service helps clients benchmark their operations and is monetized as a subscription add-on.

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Integrating Workflows for Investment Identification

Created product for global investment firm integrating external data sources & professional network data enabling effective reach out to identified companies.

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Data-Driven Lead Generation

Created B2B data product using Zoom Info buyer intent data for strategic market analysis and lead generation in client ecosystem.

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Maximizing Property Development Opportunities through Data-Driven Insights

For a proptech start up developed data product integrating geospatial data sources. Optimized lot selection for targeting & identified markets for expansion.

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Case Highlight - Advanced Salesforce reporting in the data warehouse

By syncing Salesforce data to a Snowflake warehouse, we empowered a RevOps team to historically track and analyze their sales pipeline over time.

Case Highlight - Sales outreach using mobile app data

By integrating metrics with internal data and applying custom rules, we identified targeted upsell and net-net opportunities for our client.

Are you taking full advantage of third-party mobile app data to drive your sales and marketing initiatives?

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