Our Services

Data Engineering

Data migration:  We help you migrate your data from legacy systems to the modern cloud data platforms.  We help evaluate alternatives with a cost benefit approach, and help estimate savings and increased efficiency.  We help you build, migrate, test and deploy and achieve business objectives.Build data pipelines:  We build data pipelines using, near real time or batch processing, no code, web API based or other solutions.

Analytics Engineering

Data warehousing and data modeling:  We believe in a well-managed data warehouse that is optimized for cost and efficiency. The DWH also has to be future proof: It needs to enable quick delivery of new features.In almost all our projects we use dbt for running your data warehouse as a project.  We help you build it right from the start, and continuously improve it as business needs evolve over time.

Business Intelligence

Reporting and visualization:  We work with you on quickly getting value from your data.  We utilize modern data stack tools that enable a self-serve environment in the organization and unlock the value of data immediately.

Operational Analytics

We help you operationalize your data and create value.  Examples include creating workflows based on reverse ETL and operational analytics tools such as airtable

Our Approach

We work with our clients to build solutions and capabilities
Agile Approach: We optimize on time to value, without compromising quality
Build, Operate and Transfer:

We also help our clients with a Build-Operate-Transfer model where we

Our clients
prioritize data

  • IT and data organizations building infrastructure and solutions for internal clients
  • Business teams who understand the priority of data and require quick delivery
  • Product owners who need agile help for delivering their vision

Our preferred data stack


ETL | Reverse-ETL

Analytics Engineering

(SQL-based modeling and

Business Intelligence

Cloud Data Platform

Work with us to get value from your data quickly.

  • We help you build it right from the start, understanding your business priorities.
  • We utilize modern data stack tools that enable a self-serve environment
  • We believe  in future proof data modeling and code development, and continuous delivery in a version controlled environment.