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Are your data and engineering teams swamped?

It’s not unusual for data and engineering teams to be focused on the product and have very limited bandwidth to help with business analytics.

Our dedicated team combines technical and data expertise with a strong understanding of the business context. We start delivering results immediately while building a future-proof data architecture.


We provide the expertise required for Cloud data and Applied AI.

Applied AI

In today's world, data activation heavily utilizes applied AI.

As 205 Data Lab, we specialize in crafting custom solutions for our clients, bringing together the power of cloud data and applied AI.

Whether it's optimizing sales operations, enhancing customer experiences, or solving other complex business challenges, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that drive measurable results through the seamless integration of AI to our clients' specialized workflows.

Data Warehousing

We build data warehouses in the cloud integrating data from multiple sources as needed, creating the real-time flows enabling the 360 customer view.

We believe in data warehouse design that is future-proof: It needs to enable quick delivery of new features. We build an environment where you can continuously improve your DWH it as business needs evolve over time.

Additionally, we implement monitoring tools and practices that help our clients monitor and control costs and ensure efficiency.

Machine Learning

We provide tailored machine-learning solutions for our clients. By understanding their unique data landscape, we develop models that empower data-driven decisions. Examples include predictive analytics, sentiment analysis, and anomaly detection.

From data preparation, and model development to model deployment, we ensure seamless integration, optimizing operations and driving growth opportunities for our clients.

Analytics Engineering

Analytics Engineering is a relatively new term. For any analysis, if the insight will continue to be useful, it can be coded and results can be automatically regenerated over time with fresh data and no manual effort.

This requires business analysis skills combined with software engineering approaches - hence the name " Analytics Engineering".

Business intelligence

Our focus is on helping you derive value from your data promptly. We leverage cutting-edge data stack tools to foster a self-service environment within your organization. We facilitate access to data by providing well-structured data environment.  

We empower internal teams to rapidly develop their analytics capabilities by providing essential building blocks, while also establishing standards that enhance reliability and foster swift improvements for the future.

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Data Engineering

Our data engineering services provide the foundation for staying ahead in a rapidly evolving cloud data landscape.

We recognize the importance of evaluating available alternatives and architecting a best-of-blends solution tailored to your business's unique requirements. We understand that different businesses may have varying data ecosystems, legacy systems, and specific needs that demand a customized approach.  

Our team is committed to delivering robust, cost-effective, and scalable solutions.

Since initiating our partnership in 2020, we have found 205 Data Lab to be a remarkable partner in the realm of data science. Our initial challenge was to establish our Snowflake data warehouse and BI reporting, a task that 205 Data Lab handled efficiently and proficiently.

David Westgate

Information Technology Executive, Branch

"Their technical expertise in managing complex data and utilizing modern tools is undeniable. Still, it's their capacity for knowledge transfer that impressed us profoundly"

David Westgate

Information Technology Executive, Branch

I was fortunate to collaborate with 205 Data Lab for several years at Spin.   They have been more than service providers; they have been reliable partners, providing us with exceptional data management consultation and solutions.

Francis Au-Yeung

Data Engineering Manager, Spin

205 Data Lab team demonstrated a high level of competency and trustworthiness and genuinely cared about the quality of their work and the value it creates for their clients. If you need assistance with starting or improving your data pipelines or data warehouse, I highly encourage you to consider partnering with 205 Data Lab.

Francis Au-Yeung

Data Engineering Manager, Spin

Our Preferred Data Stack


ETL | Reverse-ETL

Analytics Engineering

(SQL-based modeling and

Business Intelligence

Cloud Data Platforms

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