About Us

205 Data Lab is a data analytics and engineering firm that believes in the transformative power of data and technology and its ability to impact business outcomes positively.

Our Journey

Our journey began in 2018 when our founder envisioned a company that seamlessly integrates data, technology, and business. His experience in Marketing Analytics at FedEx inspired this vision, as he saw first-hand the immense potential of uniting these three elements.

This realization sparked the creation of a company that excels at the convergence of data, technology, and business strategy.

By integrating these domains, we optimize collaboration, eliminate inefficiencies, and minimize miscommunication that often arises when different individuals separately handle business and technical aspects.

Integrated Approach

Your success drives our company, and our aim is to deliver value most effectively and efficiently as possible. Our integrated approach is centered on three key principles:

Business Value

We prioritize driving business value for our clients above all else. This objective takes precedence over any technical or analytical considerations.

Data Expertise

We leverage our expertise in data and technology to create practical and value-driven solutions that directly boost your business performance.

Innovative Solutions

We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that enhance your business operations and drive profitability.

Our Values

Our teams are led by experienced, hands-on practitioners who are skilled in business, data, and technology.


We conduct all aspects of our business with the highest level of integrity.

Value Creation

We create significant value for our clients, far beyond what we charge in fees.

Technical Leadership

Clients turn to us for our technical expertise and leadership.


We are innovative and always exploring new ways to improve our services.

Since initiating our partnership in 2020, we have found 205 Data Lab to be a remarkable partner in the realm of data science. Our initial challenge was to establish our Snowflake data warehouse and BI reporting, a task that 205 Data Lab handled efficiently and proficiently.

David Westgate

Information Technology Executive, Branch

"Their technical expertise in managing complex data and utilizing modern tools is undeniable. Still, it's their capacity for knowledge transfer that impressed us profoundly"

David Westgate

Information Technology Executive, Branch

I was fortunate to collaborate with Pedro and his team at 205 Data Lab for several years at Spin.   They have been more than service providers; they have been reliable partners, providing us with exceptional data management consultation and solutions.

Francis Au-Yeung

Data Engineering Manager, Spin

Data Lab team demonstrated a high level of competency and trustworthiness and genuinely cared about the quality of their work and the value it creates for their clients. If you need assistance with starting or improving your data pipelines or data warehouse, I highly encourage you to consider partnering with 205 Data Lab.

Francis Au-Yeung

Data Engineering Manager, Spin

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