Client Background

Our client, a SaaS company, was looking for ways to leverage the data generated by their customers on their platform and create new revenue streams.

They wanted to aggregate transactional data, compute KPIs, and provide dashboards that customers could use to compare their company's performance with that of other customers using the same SaaS platform.


Our client faced the challenge of storing valuable data in multiple MS SQL databases, making it difficult to aggregate and transform the data, resulting in slow analytics performance and difficulty computing relevant metrics.

Our Approach

We helped our client create an analytical datamart in Snowflake containing all the customer data, which serves as the backend for their new data product. We developed a data pipeline to transform raw activity data into customer-specific and aggregate KPIs to be used for benchmarking. Additionally, we helped develop several dashboards. These dashboards were embedded into our client’s SaaS product as a value add. These dashboards are used by our clients’ customers to to benchmark their KPIs against other platform users.


Fivetran was used to extract data from multiple MS SQL instances and load it into a Snowflake data warehouse, providing a centralized location for storing all customer-generated data. This allowed for improved performance when running analytics.


dbt (data-build-tool) was used to transform the data, including cleaning, structuring, and enriching it. This allowed for the creation of dozens of KPIs and custom metrics, and aggregations


The KPIs created were embedded in customer-facing dashboards and sold as an add-on to their subscription. These dashboards enable customers to gain timely insights into their operations and compare them against other users in the system (benchmarking).

Various perfect flows orchestrate the data pipeline, providing fresh dashboards with the latest data as soon as it is available.


  • Our client gained easy and fast access to all their customer data in one database.
  • The custom KPIs gave customers a wide range of insights, enabling them to create a new revenue-generating product.
  • Customers responded positively to the dashboards, which provided timely insights and enhanced their ability to manage their operations.
  • The client has discovered additional KPIs applications, enabling them to gain insight into how customers benefit from the SaaS platform.

Technologies used:

Fivetran, Snowflake, dbt, Prefect, and Tableau